Wednesday, 9 August 2017

CES 10 - 8/8/17

After a very frustrating day checking the weather which seemed to be changing hourly the decision was made to go for a session today.
The weather looked close to perfect when we all met at 05:30. Today's team consisted of Cedwyn Sarah, Kirsty, Stephen and Chris.
As there were a number of us we decided to put some extra net  in place on a ride a little further into the scrub and crossing a gap in a line of trees.

This meant we had a total of 10x60' nets in place, so boredom shouldn't be on the cards this morning.
Especially as we were again dealing with bird poo in the interest of science.
There were a good selection of birds in a fairly steady stream for the first hour or so, mostly the regular species of warblers (reed, sedge and willow) but then we caught one of my favourite birds ( I like them all really) a Lesser Whitethroat.


At this point Dave had arrived and heard tree pipit overhead, We were already using a tape lure playing on  the non CES ride, so Cedwyn decided to change the tape and we were rewarded almost immediately with a few pipit in the net.
The steady run of birds continued and included another less than regular species, this garden warbler.
Though a good session overall the downside was that the CES total of 20 birds for the morning was disappointing. That said the annual total this year is an improvement on the average of the last few seasons.
Totals for the day:
Thanks to Cedwyn,  Stephen and Kirsty for the pictures.

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