Tuesday, 18 August 2015

CES 11 - Kenfig 18/8/2015 - Another Disappointing Day

Bird of the Day:
Lesser Whitethroat
Even though the final outcome was poor we started in a positive mood having picked up a Grasshopper Warbler and the Lesser Whitethroat in the early net rounds. With conditions looking favourable as can be seen

(and no wind but that's less obvious in the picture)

All nets set by 06:05, who was to know that the paltry total of 15 birds for the morning was all we were to have.
In the catch, as said, was this rather scruffy Grasshopper Warbler.

Plus a Cetti's Warbler

The wind did become a fairly stiff breeze by mid morning but I have my doubts that that was the reason for such low numbers.
This year's CES is looking to be a record breaker, with the lowest ever numbers, but at least there were some good birds. Lets just see what the final session can bring.

Totals for the day:

Saturday, 8 August 2015

CES 10 - Kenfig 7/8/15 - Good Numbers Good Birds

3 Grasshopper Warblers, 1 Garden Warbler, and 
           1 Marsh Tit.

They may not be a particularly exotic set, but for Kenfig they are pretty unusual to catch. The Marsh Tit also being a first for some ringers here.
Cedwyn and Chris had the nets up by 06:10 to be joined a little later by Dave. The early round picked up the  Grasshopper warblers and one liked it so much it decided to visit again later in the morning.
The weather was pretty much ideal for a mornings ringing and the total of 47 was a respectable haul given recent catches.
Two Goldfinch also added to the list if unusual suspects, as whilst they can be caught at the reserve, they are not frequent visitors to the reedbed. The one rarity that we were relieved not to have in the nets was the Great White Egret, which did pass uncomfortably close toward, the end of the session.

Totals for the day:

Saturday, 1 August 2015

CES 9 - Kenfig 30/7/2015 - What No Wind & Birds to ring!

After having to abandon the idea of any ringing for CES 8 it was a relief to be able to put up all the nets for CES 9 with absolutely no wind. It may be a bit picky after the weather we have had to complain that a little less sun would have made the conditions perfect.
Cedwyn and Chris, along with Suze, a welcome visitor, had all the CES nets up by 06:10 and then set about putting the extra 2x18m nets at the west pool slack.
The early net rounds rewarded us with a good catch and each subsequent round brought in a few each time. The CES total of 31 was the best session of the year by far, with 57 birds caught in total, more than 90% being juveniles.
Star bird was the Garden Warbler even if they are a little lacking in exotic plumage.
Garden Warbler
That plumage deficiency was made up for by the the juvenile Willow Warbler that was stunningly yellow in the early morning sun.
Willow Warbler
Totals for the day: