Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Two Sessions in Two days - Amazing!

We took advantage of another short window in this years rather poor weather for ringing to have another session at Kenfig. Although it was only two days since the last visit, there was a reasonable catch (18 birds). Pleasing that we had a significant number of Reed Bunting, giving us a chance to sharpen our ageing skills of this bird at this time of year. Not one of the easiest for the trainee to get to grips with.
We used the same set of 4 x 18m nets around the reserve centre.
Present today were Dave , Heather and Chris.
Complete list for the day.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Sunny Sunday at Kenfig NNR

Dave and Chris were at last able to get a session going at the new rides that had been cut at Kenfig NNR. They were joined later by Wayne Morris from the BTO.
We put up 4 18metre nets at various locations adjacent to the reserve centre. It proved to  be a very productive morning with a total of 42 birds caught. The star was undoubtedly a Magpie but sorry no pictures as it was a little unhelpful when we tried to capture the scene.
The full list was