Monday, 29 February 2016

Kenfig NNR - 29/2/16

First session of the year at Kenfig NNR. Cedwyn and Chris decided that it was time to check if the regular feeding that Dave was doing adjacent to the centre car park was having the desired effect, namely to tempt in the local Reed Bunting population.

It was pretty cool to set up at just before dawn at 06:30, cool meaning -5C, so the extra thermal layers were pretty essential.

Just 2 lines of 60' net were put up as we needed to be away by around 9am.

The first net round was an immediate indication of the effect of plying them with millet, as there were 9 REEBU in for an early feed plus a blackbird.

The Reed Bunting formed the majority of the catch which, all in all, we regarded as a reasonable success for the short session.

Totals for the day:

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Ty'n y Caeau - 16/2/2016

On a very sunny but also very cold morning (-6 C when we arrived) Cedwyn and Chris were joined by a new trainee, Lauren, for what we hoped would be a good session.  Unfortunately the birds hadn't heard how nice a day it was and never really turned up.

Very quiet with only 8 birds caught all morning.

Totals for the day: