Saturday, 6 August 2016

6/8/2016 - CES 10 - The Year Keeps Improving

Though the forecast seemed to indicate that it was marginal, when Cedwyn and Chris arrived to set up the nets the conditions were pretty near perfect. Overcast and and no wind.

With the nets up up by just after 06:00 and catching just a single bird as we left the ride, we were joined by interested birders, Kevin and Tracy, who were keen to see some birds at close quarters.

With a good selection of the standard fare for Kenfig we were soon to have a very interesting catch. A Dartford Warbler, which is a first for the site and I am pretty sure it is the first for the ringing group having looked at the records going back to 1986.

The rest of the session provided good evidence of improving breeding success with the CES total for the day being the highest number for a few years and the year total is now over 200 which with 2 sessions still to go is very encouraging.

Notable catches were a number of Garden Warblers and this rather interested (well to me anyway) looking Long-tailed Tit.
I think the picture deserves a caption, but can't think of anything suitable at the moment ( watch this space)
With the weather getting pretty warm by the session end we were pleased to be joined by Dave to process a few birds and give us a lift back to the centre.

Thanks to Kevin for the pictures, as mine were all blurry.

Totals for the day: