Monday, 9 January 2017

Ty'n y Caeau - 8/1/2017

Heather and Chris were joined by Leighton this morning making use of the second time in a week that there was a favourable forecast.
The feeding obviously seems to be starting to work as there were far more birds in evidence, including the target birds for the site, namely Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting. There were also very large flocks of Skylark (good) and Wood Pigeon (not so good, as far as John the farmer is concerned, as they  take far too much of his rapeseed crop)
Interestingly the catch was very small for the first rounds with most of the birds being caught after 10:00am. It did make us wonder whether we should leave getting up in the dark and just turn up later if the birds can't be bothered to make it there earlier!

Totals for the day:

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ty'n y Caeau - 3/1/17 - First of the Year

Heather and Chris made the best of the weather  to get to TyC for 07:40 just as it was getting light.
With the nets up before 08:15 we were hoping for a good catch though it was eerily quiet on the bird front.
We did however have a very successful morning before leaving at about eleven.
The total weight of birds caught was just under a quarter of a kilo though we have to own up it was only 3 birds, but it's not all about numbers as we always say on such occasions.
The reason for such a positive morning was that bird number 2 was a Kestrel which we had to separate from it's breakfast before we could take it out of the net. The dunnock was not so content with it's final day, and we did think the blue tit which was about six inches away from the kestrel may suffer some avian form of PTSD. However it flew away happily enough after it was processed.
A few pictures.

Totals for the day: