Sunday, 30 October 2016

KNNR Reserve Centre - 30/10/2016 was it BST or GMT

After much confusion over what time to start the session, given the alteration of the clocks, it was decided that the best ploy was to ignore the clocks and arrive at Kenfig at first light (06:30 if you must know).
Heather, Dave and Chris set up 2 x 60' nets adjacent to the reserve centre.
It transpired that the birds were obviously having a lie in today or had forgotten to set their alarms as we didn't catch a thing until 09:10, and as we had to finish at 10:00 it was a pretty small total.

We were however able to releave the boredom by repairing one of the older 60' nets.

Totals for the day:

CES 12 - 1/9/2016 - At Last

Apologies for the late update to the CES ringing results.
Having completed 11 of the 12 sessions it was good to see a better result , though not quite as good as 2014.

Results for the day:

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Tyn Y Caeau - 27/10/2016

After doing some initial preparation work at the site earlier in the week we decided to have a ringing session whilst doing some further ride cutting.
Heather, Phil and Chris put up the usual five nets - 2 x 40' and 3 x 60' before starting some extra strimmimg at the bottom  end of the field.

Still more to be done but the site looks like this now -

At the bottom of the field there is a 90 degree dogleg adjacent to the two fence lines.
The plan is to join up the two ride to provide plenty of options on the day.

The catch was small for the day total being: